CES 2017: Startup presents Mirabook, a laptop dock for Windows 10 Mobile Continuum

Kareem Anderson

The Consumer Electronic Show, this year in Las Vegas, is becoming a nice homage to Microsoft’s toil and effort making Windows 10 an extensible experience for hardware manufacturers. From new laptops to voice activated speakers, Microsoft’s Windows 10 is making its way to the ever-increasing amount of devices.

As Windows 10 becomes more accessible, new manufacturers are appearing with new design types for the operating system as well. CES 2017 can now welcome the Mirabook to its list of new Windows 10 powered devices.

The Mirabook is the French startup Miraxess’ interpretation of Windows Continuum. The Mirabook is a 13.3-inch aluminum-clad laptop dock that houses a 1080p screen and sporting an HDMI, USB Type-C, SD card slot with 128 GB hard drive and weighs a little over 2lbs.

While the Indiegogo backed laptop dock would be a more than worthy standalone laptop experience, the Mirabook is designed with Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum in mind. So, without a Windows 10 Mobile powered device, the the Mirabook is, unfortunately, nothing more than a moderately spec’d paper weight.

The Mirabook is debuting at CES 201 7 but the crowdsource funding and preorder for the device won’t begin until March or April of this year.

Here at OnMSFT, we’ll be keeping an eye on its develop for the time being.