Check out Files, a third-party File Explorer app for Windows 10 that’s better than Microsoft’s

Arif Bacchus

File App Windows 10

Microsoft has made lots of improvements in Windows 10, but one thing that has remained the same over the years is the File Explorer. Largely left over from Windows 8.1, the looks of the File Explorer hasn’t evolved much with Fluent Design. One Windows developer, though, introduced his own File Explorer app for Windows in beta recently, and it’s now officially hit the Microsoft Store as version 1.0 (via Windows Central.)

Some of the features onboard this modern File Explorer will be quite satisfying for Windows 10 fans. Not only does it feature Fluent Design elements such as the acrylic look, but it also has a cleaner sidebar, and support for tabs, which makes it easier to navigate to files. Some of the more specific features added in this release can be seen below, as noted on GitHub.

  • Enabled search inside of hidden directories
  • Added an option to search unindexed items
  • Drive Widget details are now hidden when they are not available
  • Allow different layout modes and sort directions for individual directories
  • Implemented a dual pane feature

While Files is a great alternative to the Windows File Explorer, it’s not really meant to be a true replacement. It is missing some features, but it’s still great to use casually, as it gives Windows 10 the modern look it deserves. You can try the app via the link below. Once downloaded, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment!

Files App
Files App
Developer: Yair A
Price: $8.99