Charles Barkley enlists the assistance of Microsoft Bing to refine his golf swing

Priya Walia

The new Bing

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Former NBA star and current basketball analyst Charles Barkley recently sought assistance from an unlikely source to enhance his golf swing. In a surprising move, Barkley turned to Microsoft’s Bing Chat, the popular chatbot, for advice. Curiosity piqued, Barkley posed a straightforward question to the Bing chatbot, inquiring about the shortcomings of his golf swing.

The chatbot’s response, though perhaps blunt, left no room for ambiguity: “I am sorry to say this, but your golf swing is not very good.”

Unperturbed, Barkley continued his playful banter, asking the chatbot to help him generate some self-deprecating trash talk to improve his performance. Bing’s chatbot responded with a series of quirky and lighthearted retorts, showcasing the humor and wit of Artificial Intelligence.


Charles Barkley, widely regarded as one of the most exceptional NBA players in history, has garnered significant attention following his retirement from basketball in 2000, particularly due to his involvement in the sport of golf. Despite his successful career, characterized by an incredibly fluid shooting technique that earned him a rightful place in the esteemed NBA Hall of Fame, Barkley’s golf swing has gained a somewhat infamous reputation for being unconventional and lacking finesse, to the extent that it has become a subject of internet memes.

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