CES 2020: Lenovo partner LAVIE brings Japanese minimalism to productivity

Kareem Anderson

While I personally prefer the ThinkPad motif, Lenovo seems to be a company of options and is leaving the door open to additional stylistic approaches reviving its NEC Corporation joint venture for 2020.

NEC Personal Computers, Ltd., a joint venture company of Lenovo and NEC Corporation, announces that its newest LAVIE devices are available in the United States, ahead of CES 2020. The three products address a broad range of user requirements – from ultimate portability for on-the-go professionals to integrated sound systems for families looking to entertain in their homes.

All three new additions combine the latest innovations in human-computer interaction with Japanese minimalist design and craftsmanship.

Of the three newest options, two are more conventional laptop designs dubbed LAVIE VEGA and LAVIE Pro Mobile with a third being a beguiling (AIO) straightforwardly titled the LAVIE Home All-in-One.

LAVIE Pro Mobile

Starting at $1,599.99 Available: March 2020

The LAVIE Pro Mobile touts portability and combines a super lightweight chassis at 1.85lbs and an extended 15-hour battery life wrapped up in “racing car grade carbon” and exclusive light-weight aerospace magnesium-lithium material. The 13.3-inch laptop will be rolled out in Bordeaux color similar to the original Surface Laptop and start at $1,599.99 in March 2020.


Starting at $2,099.99 Available: March 2020

NEC’s other laptop offering, the LAVIE VEGA, looks to be more of the workhorse device with its 15.6-inch 4K OLED display and co-designed YAMAHA sound array.

Aside from the display size and custom-built sound system, the VEGA offers another exclusive touch beyond its Pro Mobile brethren in its Gorilla Glass 6 back cover powered by LAVIE’s new Smart Light technology. The lid lights up a LAVIE logo similar to an Apple logo by also doubles as a smart speaker supporting Microsoft’s Cortana with modern Standby.

Even when your laptop is closed and on sleep mode, the far-field mic can pick up voice commands and activate Microsoft’s Cortana to kick-start apps.

LAVIE Home All-In-One

Starting at $1,799.99

Lastly, LAVIE is bringing a certain pizzaz to the AIO market with a relatively unique tent-like design and speakers embedded in the display.

The Crystal Sound Display developed by LG Display, a technology leader in TV displays, generates a clear and better-directed sound by vibrating the display. 

The high-performance, noiseless immersive display, and voice-operated control also offer the option to use Intel’s Wake On Voice function to control the PC, even when Windows system is shut down.

As with most Lenovo offerings this year, the LAVIE lineup will be powered by 10th gen Intel U Processors and 4 array far-field mic for enhanced voice control and promotion of either Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant or Microsoft’s relatively defunct Cortana service.

As an NEC collaboration, the two companies plan to announce their Japanese rollout of these devices later this year.