Canadian Broadcasting Co. used Azure to deliver election results

Kellogg Brengel

This past Monday, Canada held its Federal election, and it wasn’t long before the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was posting results which projected Justin Trudeau’s Canadian Liberal Party winning a majority of seats in the Canadian Government.
To deliver those real-time results to millions of Canadians across mobile and desktop devices, in both English and French, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Radio-Canada relied on Microsoft’s Azure.
To elaborate more on this partnership, Byron Tardif, Azure Websites’ Program Manager, posted details today on Azure’s blog about the scope and scale of delivering election results in real time. CBC/Radio-Canada specifically utilized Azure’s App Service environments, which hosted the APIs powering their election results application.
To ensure for a successful election night, CBC/Radio-Canada first did extensive load testing, “using 10 million user minutes of Visual Studio online load testing.” With this confidence, CBC/Radio-Canada used Azure App Service environments to

“…scale their infrastructure across three different geographical regions close to 1,300 compute cores to serve over 3.6 billion requests over a period of six hours with peaks of over 800K requests per second.”

Tardiff also included some social media comments that praised the platform’s stability, which ensured the only eventful part of the evening was the election results themselves, and not an outage in reporting the news across the entirety of Canada.
As Microsoft’s commercial cloud business continues to be a significant source of revenue growth for the Redmond WA-based technology company, the large-scale success of the CBC/Radio-Canada partnership is a strong example of what Azure is capable of for all types of organizations.
Did you use the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation / Radio-Canada’s election result app to monitor the outcome this week? Let us know in the comments section below if the app provided seamless real-time results for you across your devices.