Acer outs the Jade Primo Windows 10 Mobile in the Philippines, $410 and shipping in December

Mark Coppock

Acer Jade Primo

Acer is one of the first Microsoft OEMs to have really thrown their weight behind Windows 10 Mobile. The company’s Jade Primo smartphone fully supports Continuum, appears to have decent-to-good specifications, and will come bundled with keyboard, mouse, and Continuum docking support.
Now, according to (via Windows Central), Acer has officially introduced the Jade Primo in the Philippines, and put a price on it. Listed at PHP18,990 (Philippine pesos), that translates to roughly US$410 at current exchange rates. International prices don’t always (or rarely) equal U.S. prices, but at least we have a general feel for what the Jade Primo might list for when it comes to the States.

The Acer Jade Primo has decent enough specs for a $410 phone.
The Acer Jade Primo has decent enough specs for a $410 phone.

We also don’t know if that price is the bundled price, but we shouldn’t have to wait for too terribly long to find out. The Jade Primo is set to be available for purchase in the Philippines in December, which is also the first ETA we’ve heard from Acer.
Microsoft is set to ship their own Continuum-toting flagship smartphones, the Lumia 950/950XL next month, but it’s great to see at least one OEM pushing out a flagship of its own. Windows 10 Mobile needs a strong OEM ecosystem if it’s going to have a chance to compete with iOS and Android any time in the next decade.