Build 2022: Microsoft teases new ways for Windows 11 to show a developer’s app content in File Explorer

Arif Bacchus

Windows 11 File Explorer Tabs

Microsoft teased an interesting new feature for Windows 11 during the Build 2022 developer conference. Tucked away at the end of a blog post penned by Panos Panay is a reference to a new ability for apps that create and store content in the cloud could start to integrate custom content File Explorer and common file dialogs.

Panay calls this an “early vision” and didn’t get into many details, but it seems to line up with what Microsoft is doing to help developers get their app noticed on Windows. Panay mentioned that this new ability enables Windows 11 to show a developer’s app and app content in the right content. It is all about “providing a seamless app installation and content discovery experience across devices,” according to Panay.

This builds on what Microsoft is doing with the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. On that front, Microsoft announced Microsoft store ads, which allows developers to create, run and view ad campaigns in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft also detailed that it removed the wait list program for Win32 applications, opening it up to all app developers, while also expanding Android apps via the Amazon App Store in Windows 11 to new countries.