Build 2019: Microsoft shows macOS version of its Edge browser in new video

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge Insider browser recently became available on Windows PCs, and it’s also coming soon to macOS. We just got a first look at the macOS version of Microsoft Edge in a new video that Microsoft published this morning ahead of its Build 2019 introducing keynote.

You can briefly see the new browser running on macOS at the end of the video below:

Microsoft has yet to reveal when Microsoft Edge will officially launch on macOS, but according to The Verge the Canary and Dev channels for the new browser should be available “very soon” for Mac users. Nearly four years after its launch, Microsoft Edge will go from a Windows 10 exclusive to a multi-platform app, and it will be the first Microsoft browser on macOS since the deprecation of Internet Explorer more than fifteen years ago.

The Redmond giant also announced some major new features coming to the Chromium-based version of Edge this morning, including additional privacy controls and a new Internet Explorer mode. You can learn more about these upcoming new capabilities in our previous post.

Update: The canary build of Edge for macOS is now available to download here. h/t WalkingCat.