British Prime Minister Theresa May hails “amazing work” being done at Microsoft

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft India

Those of us who frequently follow Microsoft don’t need to be told how amazing some of their work is. The company has brought things like augmented reality to the forefront, all the while bringing us new and innovative software – and acting as expert humanitarians while they do it. For those of us who enjoy a little bit of recognition, however, the British Prime Minister gave the company some kind words during her recent visit to the Microsoft UK office in Reading, Berkshire.

“I have seen the amazing work going on at Microsoft and all of you have hugely exciting and interesting careers ahead of you,” she told an audience of around 100 interns, apprentices and graduates.

Prime Minister Theresa May came by the office to speak to interns and apprentices for Microsoft this week, speaking about how the company’s work is opening up a bright new future for them. She spoke about how Microsoft is going to be influencing the future of the UK’s economy going forward, and had quite a bit of optimism to share with the young Microsoft team.

You can read all about the visit through Microsoft’s blog post, which recounts the details of the speech all laid out.