Breaking the addiction: Microsoft tells you to help get your friends and family off XP


Breaking the addiction: Microsoft tells you to help get your friends and family off XP

The end is nigh! It may not be the end of the world — although some might argue otherwise — but the long-heralded end of Windows XP draws ever closer. In fact, today marks the start of the two-month countdown. In 60 days’ time, Windows XP will no longer be supported, and Microsoft is doing everything it can to round up the few remaining stragglers and encourage them into using Windows 8.1.

Today the Windows Experience Blog makes a request of its readers: “help your friends and family get off Windows XP.” Really this is nothing we haven’t heard before and in many respects the advice very closely mimics that which is being given to business users. Microsoft would like everyone to be using Windows 8.1 and is encouraging the more technically savvy user to do what they can to help out people they know.

There is a chance that a computer currently running Windows XP will be up to the task of running Windows 8.1, and there are links to the upgrade checker. Should hardware fall short of the minimum requirements, the blog post links to a helpful page that serves as a buying guide — and for anyone who is concerned about what the latest version of Windows is going to be like to use, there are links to videos to help with familiarization.

Microsoft points out that SkyDrive (or OneDrive!) can be used to help simplify the process of moving files from an old computer to a new one.

While very well-intentioned, the blog post almost sounds like an exercise in rehab, with XP users being helped to kick their habits. “As we get close to April 8th, we’ll continue to publish blog posts about the latest offers on new devices and resources for to help people get off Windows XP.”

Have you been busy encouraging your friends and family to move away from Windows XP, or is this something you did a long time ago?