6tag and 627AM for Windows Phone receive updates, brings along some nice features


6tag and 627.AM receive updates, bring along some nice features

Albeit we now have the official version of Instagram available in the Store, that hasn’t stopped its alternative 6tag from partying along. Rudy Huyn’s app received a much awaited update a few hours ago. Along with 6tag, another pretty decent app 627AM registered a significant version bump. Let’s see what new things they have brought along. 

627AM, for those who are not familiar, is a daily assistant app which includes an alarm clock and temperature forecast feature and boasts a pretty gorgeous user interface. Bumping its version number to 1.9, 627AM marks the following new additions:

  • Making it possible to set the same alarm time on different days in one go.
  • Live Tiles will display cache data now, even when you are offline.
  • If you are a new user, the update also includes visual guides to help you out.
  • In addition, as expected, there are a couple of bug fixes and improvements in animation.

Second app which got updated today is Rudy Huyn’s 6tag. It isn’t a major update, but spots some handy additions. 

  • You can now save your Instagram videos to Microsoft cloud storage service SkyDrive.
  • As WPCentral reports, the new version, also includes improvements over its integration with Instagram Direct, a service that allows you to share image and videos with select Instagram users. 
  • Besides, there are general improvements and bug fixes as well. 

You can grab both the apps from the Download link below. Let us know how you like the new features.