Boomerang launches Bookable Schedule for Outlook

Kevin Okemwa

Today, Boomerang, producer of email productivity apps for Outlook, Gmail, iOS, and Android, is launching Bookable Schedule for Outlook, which will allow users to accept and schedule meetings directly from their inbox.

The tool comes with a couple of nifty features. First up is the Magic Live Calendar which is in place to help prevent users from making double bookings as it updates the recepient’s copy of the calendar automatically.

Next up is that the tool comes with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration which makes it easier for one to import their details from either of the platforms by making a single click. Ultimately promoting effectiveness.

It also comes with a Time Converter which is in place to help ensure that you select appropriate the time which suits all participants when scheduling meetings. What’s more, it also allows you to feature dual time zones for easier planning.

And finally, the tool also comes with a Calendar Overlay which displays the calendar at the top thus canceling out the need to navigate through multiple tabs.

“Meetings that never get scheduled have a sunk cost of up to $300B annually. Unfortunately, current scheduling options try to solve this problem by improving efficiency for the sender only. In doing so, they create an imbalance in the power dynamic between sender and recepient.”

Boomerang’s CEO Aye Moah told OnMSFT:

“Now that virtual meetings are the new normal, we’re having more meetings than in the pre-pandemic era. So it’s more important than ever to minimize the amount of back-and-forth we spend scheduling those meetings. We’re incredibly excited to bring the first and only one-click meeting scheduling solution to Outlook.”

The tool is now available as part of Boomerang’s Add-In for Outlook on Desktop and Outlook on the web, and is built-in to the Boomerang iOS app.