Boeing and Microsoft deepen partnership as Boeing expands use of multiple clouds

Kevin Okemwa


Through an announcement made earlier today, Boeing will be further enhancing its relationship with Microsoft with the aim of accelerating its digital transformation. This adds to Microsoft’s long list of partners, the most recent one being the U.S. Bank, which aims to help the U.S. Bank modernize and boost its technology. “Boeing will leverage the Microsoft Cloud and its AI capabilities to update its technology infrastructure and mission-critical applications with intelligent new solutions that are data-driven, further opening new ways of working, operating, and doing business.”

Boeing will venture into this with multiple companies under its wing, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft’s Azure. They were all in competition for quite some time now trying to secure the $1 billion contract. “The multiyear agreements are intended to upgrade the company’s current system of hosting and maintaining software applications through a network of servers, which can be difficult to maintain.” However, Boeing did not disclose the terms set for this new engagement.

The collaboration will help Boeing bypass the current infrastructure challenges, maximize its potential thus allowing them to innovate more, and finally strengthen its commitment to sustainable operations. They have been working together for over two decades, this has helped enhance Boeing’s digital future through optimization of its operations and the development of digital solutions that ultimately help advance the global aviation industry.

The power of the Microsoft Cloud and its AI capabilities will serve as the core component to Boeing’s digital aviation strategy by providing flexible, agile and scalable solutions that are intelligent and data driven on a secure and compliant platform.

This is one of Microsoft’s long-standing relationships, which saw Boeing use the opportunity to take advantage of Microsoft Cloud. In return, this helped Boeing centralize its mainstream digital applications on Microsoft Azure, they further used AI to “drive customer outcomes and streamline operations.”

Boeing will be able to tap into the value held within its broad data estate and at the same time help Microsoft get a step closer to its commitment to dominate aerospace innovation in the future.