Bing uses AI to find you just the right GIF

Laurent Giret

There are plenty of GIFs search engines out there like Giphy, Gfycat or Tenor, but Microsoft’s Bing also comes with GIF search built-in. Actually, the company claims that Bing provides intelligent GIF search to surface the most relevant GIFs exactly when you need them.

“To provide the best GIF search experience Bing employs techniques such as sentiment analysis, OCR, and even pose modeling of subjects appearing in GIF flicks to reflect subtle intent variations of your queries,” the company explained in a detailed blog post. In addition to various machine learning techniques, the search engine also takes into account “source authority, virality and popularity” to choose which GIFs will appear on top results.

Using Bing image search may not immediately come to your mind when you’re looking for GIFs on your phone or PC, but we remind you that you can get Microsoft Rewards points every time you use Bing, which you can for gift cards and more. Bing Search is also built-in in the Bing mobile apps for iOS and Android, and Skype 8 also comes with a Bing GIFs add-in for easily sending GIFs without leaving your conversation.