Bing predicts Golden State Warriors as 2017 NBA Champions

Arif Bacchus

The 2017 NBA Playoffs are upon us and that means it’s time for Bing to work that prediction magic. The Microsoft search engine is projecting that the Golden State Warriors will meet the Cleveland Cavaliers and prevail as the 2017 NBA Champions.

Specifically, Bing believes that the Golden State Warriors will avenge last year’s defeat to win the series 4-1 and regain the title. And, in the first round, Bing sees that #5 Atlanta will upset #4 Washington and win 4-2, though Atlanta will not carry the momentum to the Eastern Semifinals and instead lose to Boston in 7 games. Meanwhile, in the West, Bing projects that Houston will prevail over Oklahoma City. The full projection can be seen below, including the amount of games for each series.

Full NBA Playoff Projection
Full NBA Playoff Projection

According to the Bing team, these predictions are generated in two stages starting with a traditional statistical model which incorporates win/loss, margins of victory, the record at home and on the road, and other factors. Meanwhile, the second stage, adds web/social signals and further improves predictive accuracy.

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