Throwback Thursday: Watch Bill Gates introduce Windows 3.1 in this 60 second clip

Kit McDonald

Microsoft Campus

As we all must know by now, Windows 10 has been touted by Microsoft as the most secure and efficient operating system available. There’s no doubt by its users that Windows has become a more polished and efficient system. However, before there was Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and so on, there was Windows 3.1.

Originally released publicly in April 1992, Windows 3.1 follows 3.0 with improvements to the MS-DOS based platform. It has a good run until December 31, 2001, when support for the Windows 3.1 OS was retired.

Just in case you’ve forgotten (or have never seen) Windows 3.1, here is a video of Bill Gates himself to introduce it.

As the description of the video explains, this was the beginning of a 3-hour long tutorial on VHS. “In this video, you’re going to see the future: Windows,” the younger Gates promised in standard definition. But it looks like he wasn’t too far from the truth.

This week we are celebrating the rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update with the promise of Redstone 3 to come. Windows continues to lead over competitors as the most used operating system, and looks to be doing so for the foreseeable future.