Bing Predicts betters NFL record to 9-5 in Week 11

Dave W. Shanahan

Bing Predicts bettered its record to 9-5 for Week 11 in successful NFL game predictions. Bing Predicts correctly guessed that Carolina and New England would remain undefeated, and Baltimore, Detroit, and Jacksonville would also pick up wins for NFL Week 11. Bing Predicts failed to foresee the victories for Dallas, Tampa Bay,  Indianapolis, and Green Bay.
Each week, Bing Predicts tries to forecast the outcome of every NFL game. Bing predicts will make their NFL forecasts for the week by Tuesday for the rest of the season as well as provide insight into how Bing Predicts to make their picks. Bing Predicts looks to better their NFL prediction record heading into Week 12.
With three NFL games on Thanksgiving, Bing Predicts Carolina to remain undefeated, Detroit will prevail over Philadelphia, and Green Bay will beat the Chicago Bears. Here are the other NFL game forecasts by Bing Predicts:

  • Arizona defeats San Francisco
  • Atlanta defeats Minnesota
  • Cincinnati bests St. Louis
  • Cleveland defeats Baltimore
  • Houston beats New Orleans
  • Indianapolis wins over Tampa
  • New England remains undefeated, winning over Denver sans Peyton Manning
  • Kansas City beats Buffalo
  • New Yew York Giants, fresh off a Bye week, defeats Washington
  • New York Jets defeats Miami
  • Oakland defeats Tennessee
  • Seattle beats Pittsburgh

Bing Predicts NFL Week 12 picks.
Bing Predicts NFL Week 12 picks.

Bing Predicts hopes to do better in their NFL predictions for Week 12.