Bing posts its own "Moments", highlights significant events from 2015

Staff Writer

As 2015 comes to a close, Microsoft’s Bing has created a short video highlighting some of the biggest events of the year. The 20 second clip beings by highlight the most significant sporting events of the year. There is an image of the US Women’s Soccer team winning the World Cup (although Bing Predictions had the US placed at 3rd), as well of an image of UFC fighter Ronda Rousey who had a very exciting year. The video then proceeds to show EU refugee’s trying to start anew after being forced from their homes due to ISIS in addition to the world’s stand with Paris after terrorist killed 130 innocent people.
Bing Moments also highlights quite a few other events on its page directly. From the new discoveries found on Mar’s surface to the Vanity Fair “Call me Caitlyn” edition, Bing has collected the highest trending events of the year. Over all, 2015 has been interesting with some very great highs and some pretty devastating lows. Let us know what you think the most significant events were of 2015 were in the comments below.