Bing launches email report to help website owners improve their search performance

Devesh Beri

Microsoft’s Bing Webmaster Tools is rolling out a new feature to provide website owners with valuable insights into their site’s performance in Bing Search. These insights are delivered directly to your email inbox.

The new “Comprehensive Performance Insights Reports” email includes essential metrics that shed light on how your website is faring in Bing’s search results.

  1. Search Impressions and Clicks: The reports display your website’s search impressions, clicks, and performance trends in percentages.
  2. Top Performing Keywords: The email shows your top-performing keywords with their impressions and clicks, providing insights into your website’s traffic drivers.
  3. Top Performing Pages: The email provides insights on top-performing pages by displaying data on impressions and clicks for each page.

This update in Bing Webmaster Tools brings a more accessible and user-friendly approach to monitoring your website’s performance in Bing Search. It’s similar to the reports sent out by Google Search Console, which has been providing webmasters with insights into their website’s performance for years.

If you’re a website owner or webmaster with your site registered in Bing Webmaster Tools, keep an eye on your inbox for these insightful reports. They can be a valuable resource to help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your site’s presence in Bing Search.