Bing hopes to help developers make better connections with people

Kareem Anderson

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As Microsoft looks to transition its search engine Bing into a swiss army knife of Artificial Intelligence functionality, the company is reaching out to developers to help aid in the process.

Without developers, Microsoft’s Bing service would remain a second rate search experience, but thanks to creative individuals and companies tapping into the large swaths of information gathered from the world wide web, Bing can become something more. By making Bing’s assets and tools more accessible, Microsoft democratizes AI while simultaneously bolstering the use of the service.

In a recent post on the Bing Blogs, the Bing team explains some upcoming changes to the level of 3rd party support Bing will be enabling in the coming months to boost AI.

Beyond Microsoft’s first party experiences, we focus on applying Bing technology to create building blocks for developers to understand the user (intents, contexts, disambiguation), extract knowledge (insights, facts, information) and intelligence (natural language, safe search).

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