Bing highlights new “multi-perspective” Instant Answers

Dave W. Shanahan

Bing Homepage

Back in December 2017, Bing unveiled its “Intelligent Search” option in conjunction with its partnership with Reddit. Now, when you search for something with Bing, you are provided with answers provided by neural networks that verify your search across multiple sources to find the best and most comprehensive answer possible.

Microsoft, Bing, Search

Hopefully, everyone knows that there is not one definitive or correct answer to everything you search on the web. Today, Bing showed off a search aimed at a better “multi-perspective” search to show different perspectives on what you search. With that in mind, Bing can now provide you with different perspectives on what you search. So instead of getting just a definition or a majority perspective on your search, you can get a point and a counterpoint too.

Microsoft, Bing, Search

Searching the web via Bing or other search engines, can oftentimes provide you with inaccurate information. Microsoft hopes that providing a “multi-perspective” approach, Bing users will be able to use the new search feature to utilize more comprehensive results, providing the pros and cons of what you search.

Go to Bing now and try the new feature for yourself.