Do Not Disturb Mode, Mini Game Hubs, and more rolling out to all users in latest Xbox One update

Arif Bacchus

Xbox Logo Featured Image Hero

After a few weeks of testing with Xbox Insiders, Microsoft today rolled out the Xbox One version 1802 update to all gamers with a console in the Xbox One family. Though this update is fairly minor, it is bringing the new Do Not Disturb mode and a few more improvements to the Xbox One experience. (via Neowin.)

Do Not Disturb Mode suppresses all notifications and shows your friends you’re not available.  Also new is the upcoming achievements tracker, which as the name suggests, allows for a gamer can have a peek at which achievements are coming up next in any given game.

There is also the new Mini Game Hub, which gives a quick peek at the feed for a game, and your friends progress in any game without having to quit the action. Finally, the third major change is the addition of download progress bars in the main Xbox guide.

Other fairly minor changes in this update include some enhancements that make it easier to view comments in the feed, and a new option to have an Xbox Console shut down after two, three, four and five hours of inactivity.

It is always great to see these enhancements, but we’re still looking forward to the next featured update to the Xbox One, which should be coming sometime this Spring. As always, happy downloading and feel free to let us know your thoughts on this update by dropping us a comment below.