Bing Deals gets a quiet retirement, say hello to Bing Offers


Bing Offers

Microsoft originally launched Bing Deals back in 2011 and it was intended to showcase offers from around the internet. Now, it appears that Microsoft has retired Bing Deals for something even better. Say hello to Bing Offers.

“With one of the largest collection of local deals on the web, Bing Offers aggregates deals from a broad set of partners, including many of the leading local deal providers. If you are looking for tasty treats, fun activities or a relaxing spa, need to fix your home or automobile or just want some retail therapy, Bing Offers provides simple ways to discover the best deals closest to you,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

According to Microsoft, “87% of people said they would increase their use of daily deals if they could find only deals that interest them all in one place.” This is why Microsoft has introduced Bing Offers. Bing Offers utilizes the Bing search engine to showcase the best deals from all around the internet.

Users can search for a deal on any device and no longer have to browse through numerous websites to find that deal. Bing Offers is currently in Beta and still has quite a bit of offers to spider through. For example, a search for Microsoft’s “Surface Pro” resulted in skin care deals. Head over to to check it out!