Microsoft celebrates one year anniversary of its investment in open standards and open source



Microsoft’s Open Technologies subsidiary is celebrating its one year anniversary and Microsoft is dedicated in the company’s investment in openness including interoperability, open standards, and open source.

“At MS Open Tech, we work fast, we work openly with others, bridging the interaction between Microsoft’s proprietary development processes and the company’s open innovation efforts and relationships with the open source and open standards communities,” Microsoft stated. MS Open Tech was created on the 12th of April, 2012.

As MS Open Tech celebrates its first anniversary, Microsoft explains that there are more than 70 individuals at the Open Tech organization, each of the individuals being diverse in their skills and background. The team members consist of engineers, standards professionals, and technical evangelists looking to build relationships with the open source/standard communities.

In just one year, MS Open Tech has shipped 51 important open source devices and services projects. There are also 25 active open source projects on CodePlex and GitHub. Microsoft is also an ongoing contributor to several other open source and open standards initiatives.

To give you an idea of the organization’s that MS Open Tech deals with, here is a quick rundown: jQuery, MongoDB, Apache Cordova, Redis, Apache Qpid, Apache Solr, Outercurve, Eclipse, Node.js, Cocos2D, Ogre3D, Web Platform Docs, Symfony, Doctrine, WebKit, GitHub, CodePlex and more.

Hit the source link to see a timeline of events from the day MS Open Tech was created to the organizations’ first anniversary.