Bing Custom Search, showcased at Ignite, now generally available

Laurent Giret

Bing Homepage

Bing Custom Search, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, is now generally available for developers along with Bing Search APIs v7. The new APIs were showcased at Ignite 2017 last month, and they’re now available for everyone on the Azure portal.

For those unfamiliar, Bing Custom Search lets developers create a customized web search experience that better fits the needs of their targeted audience. “We listened to your feedback about the preview version we announced at Build 2017 and addressed the need for customized search solutions with Bing Custom Search,” explained Microsoft in a blog post.  “Businesses of any size, hobbyists and entrepreneurs can design and deploy web search applications for any possible scenario.”

Developers can try Bing Custom Search for free before having to migrate to the generally available version on Azure. You can learn more information about pricing and included quantities for the Trial Tier on the Bing Custom Search Pricing page.