Bing Chat’s message limit doubled in non-Microsoft browsers, but there’s a catch

Priya Walia

Bing Chat To Chrome 1

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Microsoft has recently updated Bing Chat, grabbing the attention of many users. The update has doubled the character count limit for non-Microsoft browsers, which is now 4,000, the same as that of Microsoft Edge.

However, there is a catch. Despite the increased character count, Bing Chat still limits its users to asking only five questions per conversation. This limitation may frustrate some users who have more queries to ask or complex conversations to engage in, Windows Latest reported.

The outlet also reports Microsoft is also testing plugin support for Bing Chat. The new feature aims to enable users to interact directly with popular services like Adobe and Canva through Bing Chat. It opens up exciting possibilities for seamless integration of services and enhanced productivity.

The tech giant plans to offer this plugin feature without additional costs to users, setting it apart from similar platforms.

While Bing Chat’s recent updates have both delighted and raised some questions among users, it’s clear that Microsoft is investing in improving the platform’s capabilities. Whether it’s doubling the character count, exclusive features for Edge users, or the forthcoming plugin support, the AI chatbot continues to evolve as a user-friendly platform.