Skype’s latest insider build 8.107 released with redesigned chat features

Priya Walia

Skype header image

Skype, the globally recognized communication platform, has announced the full release of its latest Insider Build 8.107, bringing with it exciting features and improvements.

Among the notable additions are the revamped Message Replies UI, an enhanced Audio Messages UI, a new Camera Experience in Skype Mobile, and several stability improvements and bug fixes.

Enhanced Message Replies UI Redesign:

Skype’s Message Replies UI has undergone a significant redesign to provide users with a more streamlined and coherent messaging experience. Key features of the update include:

  • Distinctive Replies: The introduction of a vertical line to distinguish message replies from the rest of the conversation.
  • Adaptable Themes: The reply lines now seamlessly sync with the chosen message theme.
  • Shadow & Depth: Subtle shadow effects that ensure replies stand out gracefully.
  • Compatibility Across Message Types: The UI retains its charm, ensuring clarity for various messages.
  • Inclusive Design: A commitment to accessibility, ensuring that the UI is user-friendly for everyone, including those with visual impairments.

Refreshed Audio Messages UI:

The Audio Messages UI has also received a significant facelift, enhancing the audio messaging experience for users. Notable features of the update include:

  • Play on Demand: Users can now tap the Play/Pause button or waveform to listen to audio messages effortlessly.
  • Visualize Your Voice: An Audio Wave Indicator that brings the waveform to life, changing color as the message plays.
  • Playback Speed Control: The option to adjust the playback speed for longer audio messages.
  • Clean Interface: A pristine interface that guides users through the audio messaging experience.

New Camera Experience in Skype Mobile:

Skype’s latest mobile update introduces an enhanced media preview feature, simplifying media handling within the Skype mobile composer. Key highlights include:

  • Preview Before Sending: Users can preview selected media directly in the Skype mobile composer before sending.
  • Consistency Across Platforms: A unified experience mirroring the desktop’s media preview capability.
  • Simplified Media Handling: Media deselection removes previews, ensuring a neat and organized composer.
  • Flexible Canceling: Users can easily remove media from the preview with a single tap.

Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes:

In addition to the exciting new features, the latest Skype update includes several stability improvements and bug fixes, enhancing the overall user experience. Notable fixes include universal call end for Android users, seamless link integration for Bing links on Windows, and refined dark mode visibility for Windows users.

The new features are being rolled out gradually over the next few days. Skype has advised users to check for updates periodically if they don’t see them immediately.