Bing chat voice commands will soon allow you to manage Edge settings

Priya Walia

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Microsoft has reportedly integrated Bing Chat’s AI voice functionality into the Edge browser’s side pane. The exciting new feature will not only provide a more interactive browsing experience but also offer the opportunity to control browser settings using their voice.

The feature was spotted in the Edge Canary builds – a development phase exclusive to insiders of Microsoft’s innovative circle – by an enthusiast named @Leopeva64 on Twitter.

According to information leaked by insiders, a microphone icon has started appearing in Edge Canary’s Bing AI chat side pane. Once a user clicks on this icon, it activates a verbal command system, allowing users to instruct the browser.

The range of commands the browser can understand is vast, enabling users to flip between ‘dark’ and ‘light’ modes, switch to vertical tabs, and even open the Downloads Hub with a few specific words. It’s akin to having a personal assistant at your service who understands your preferences and carries out your instructions, adding a customizable, human-like touch to the enduring tech companion.

Furthermore, the unique feature appears to function in ways bearing similarity to Copilot on Windows 11. Early signs indicate that the Bing AI voice chat integration isn’t quite ready for wide-scale distribution yet, given its exclusive visibility to Edge Canary’s privileged insiders.

Although there is no official announcement regarding when this feature will be rolled out to general users, the curiosity and anticipation it has sparked are palpable.

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Via MSPoweruser