Microsoft Announces exclusive digital event for partners in Denmark and Iceland

Devesh Beri

Microsoft is hosting a special digital event, “Microsoft Strategy Outlook FY24” on September 7th, providing growth opportunities for Microsoft partners in the Danish and Icelandic markets. The event aims to offer insights into the FY24 Microsoft vision and strategy, presenting exciting trends and technologies showcased at this year’s Microsoft Inspire.

The event promises a comprehensive exploration of various topics and areas:

Roadmap and Vision (09:30 – 09:50): The session will kick off with keynotes from Mette Kaagaard, CEO of Microsoft Denmark and Iceland, and Morten Thomsen, Director of Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft Denmark, sharing the roadmap and vision for the upcoming year.

Solution Areas and Paths to Success (09:50 – 10:50): Microsoft experts will delve into solution areas and strategies for success in FY24. The speakers include Dardan Dashaj (Azure), Jurate Beniulyte (Security), Kit Ingwersen (Modern Work and Surface Devices), and Christian Koch-Bentzen (Business Applications).

Opportunities in the Danish Market (10:50 – 11:25): The event will feature a panel debate with Peter Skov, Maria Hald, and Kristian Johansen, focusing on the various opportunities available in the Danish market. Customer success stories and customer centricity will be discussed by Crilles Jansen, and Thomas Kjærsgaard will shed light on the importance of specialist sales.

Closing Remarks (11:25 – 11:30): Morten Thomsen, Director of Global Partner Solutions, will conclude the event with closing remarks.

The Microsoft Strategy Outlook promises that the session will provide them with valuable insights, expert perspectives, and strategic directions to maximize growth and success in the Danish and Icelandic markets.

Save the date for this significant event, with the registration link set to be released in August. Microsoft partners in Denmark and Iceland can look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of Microsoft’s future vision and strategic approach for the upcoming year.