Microsoft’s latest Bing Chat update adds images in chat answers and more

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Bing Sydney

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  1. Even after Microsoft shipped Bing Chat to open preview for everyone to try it out, the company remains busy at work and continues to push updates and improvements to the chatbot.

Bing Chat’s previous update shipped with text formatting improvements as well as enhanced Bing Image Creator language support. The latest update further enhances the tool’s capabilities.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update shipping to Bing Chat:

First up, Microsoft has announced that images are now making their way to chats. The goal behind this new addition is to enhance chat responses. “Bing search is an inherently visual experience, and we’re bringing more of that to chat,” the company explained in its Bing update blog.

The images will appear in line with your answers, and when you click on the image you get to launch a knowledge card that will disclose more details about the specific query you made. Microsoft has promised to expand the feature’s support across a wide range of topics in the future.


Next up, users will now have access to optimized answers for shopping, weather, finance, and autos. “We’ve redesigned the visual elements that appear at the end of text-based answers so they’re better designed for the Bing chat experience. This has been done across a variety of topics, with the intention of giving you more complete answers to your questions,” the company added.


As such, if you’re using Bing Chat for your shopping needs, you can now get to compare items side by side.

Additionally, the copy and paste experience in Bing Chat is now better. “We’ve also improved the copy and paste experience when Bing chat generates code or other blocks of formatted text.  You’ll see a separate copy button that allows you to quickly drop it elsewhere,” says Microsoft.

And finally, users can now feature formatting styles in their prompts, this includes paragraphs, bullets, or numbering. This applies to when you are writing or coping your prompt into Bing Chat.

This past week Microsoft started rolling out the chatbot’s most requested feature to users. You can now save our chats in Bing Chat’s web version and get to refer back to them via the Recent Activity section. What’s more, the saved chats will also feature a timestamp.