Bing Chat to introduce a new feature that enables users to opt out of web searches for answers

Priya Walia

The new Bing

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Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing at Microsoft, has announced the impending launch of the “#NoSearch” feature.

The revelation came through a tweet from Parakhin’s official Twitter handle, where he responded to a user’s query about Bing Chat’s functionality. When asked if Bing Chat could exclude web search results from the answers, he responded with a tantalizing hint, stating, “#nosearch is coming.”

The intriguing statement hints at a new feature to streamline the platform’s responses and present more precise information without relying on the vast expanse of the internet.

Parakhin’s tweet has generated a buzz among users. While details surrounding the feature’s implementation and release date remain undisclosed, the notion of being able to instruct Bing Chat not to search the web for answers holds significant potential, as the addition would offer users to curate conversations and access relevant information that aligns with their preferences and needs.

The upcoming feature has the potential to further establish the chatbot as an essential tool for users across different fields. It will also address situations where relying on web searches may not always be necessary or fruitful. Instead, users can benefit from more precise and focused responses that are immediately available for critical queries or quick references, sparing them the effort of navigating through possibly irrelevant search results.

In addition, Microsoft shared a blog post discussing enhancements that have been implemented, which focuses on reducing latency spikes in specific chat responses.

The blog post highlights Bing’s recent launch of a thoroughly revamped backend system for the inner monologue. This significant update has resulted in a notable 25% reduction in the time it takes to process the first token. Moreover, the improvement in latency stability has played a crucial role in reducing intermittent performance spikes.

Furthermore, the company has extended the availability of Bing Image Creator to facilitate image generation within Skype conversations. Considerable enhancements have been made to the AI chatbot’s sports topic-answering capabilities, providing more accurate and comprehensive responses.

Via Twitter and Bing