Bing Chat still not in Bing Webmaster Tools, are the numbers really that bad?

Priya Walia

Microsoft Bing Sydney

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A few months ago, Bing insiders hinted that a long-awaited feature was about to undergo implementation. Bing Chat data would become accessible via Bing Webmaster Tools.

Fabrice Canel, the Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, announced this in a keynote at PubCon Austin in February 2023. According to initial communications,  Bing Chat insights were scheduled for a May release. However, with May now a footnote in the calendar and August already nearing its end, users are left hanging in the breeze.

The promised feature is still noticeably absent from the Webmaster Tools. No roll-out, no update, and no official explanation popping up in official forums or social platforms.

However, the team at Microsoft told Search Engine Land that they are “committed to launching Bing Chat data in Webmaster Tools.”

In a puzzling turn of events, Mikhail Parakhin, another frontrunner at Microsoft, gave an intriguing statement. He suggested that Bing Chat has been registering a remarkable surge in traffic over the past weeks. This information has left many users scratching their heads.

If the traffic numbers are so impressive, why keep the data shrouded in mystery? Many begin to question whether the delay indicates some problematic aspect of the overall picture.

Rumors and speculations are filling the gap left by official voices. A menacing suggestion is that Bing Chat’s actual traffic numbers might not be as promising as claimed, and the company is buying time to improve them.

Whatever the reason behind the delay, Bing’s audience deserves transparency and open communication. 6 months and several broken promises later, the question persists. The suspense surrounding the missing data continues to grow as users and spectators alike are left waiting for the overdue reveal.