First teaser for Amazon’s Fallout TV show appears at Gamescom 2023

Robert Collins

Following the Starfield demo at Gamecom Opening Night Live 2023 attendees got a surprise first look at the Fallout TV show from Amazon Prime Video.

Unfortunately, as with the Starfield demo this first teaser won’t be released to the public, so we won’t be able to show it to you.

What we can tell you however is that the Fallout TV show is heading for a 2024 release, and that it will be set in Los Angeles. Presenting the teaser Bethesda boss Todd Howard said,

One of the movies which inspired Starfield is the movie Interstellar, written by Jonathan Nolan – he goes by Jonah. I got to know Jonah, and I always wanted to make a Fallout TV show! So I talked to Jonah about it and we have been making the Fallout TV show that’s coming, and we thought we would give you a sneak peek.”

Howard also said “There will be bigger teasers later.”

Earlier this month new set photos were leaked online (and have since been pulled). Not much else has been revealed about Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of the popular video game franchise other than that Walter Goggins, Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan will head up the cast.

Via Gamesradar