Bing Chat rolls out to Chrome, tests dark theme

Devesh Beri

Bing Chat To Chrome 1

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As reported by WindowsLatest, Microsoft has recently initiated the deployment of Bing Chat to both Google Chrome and Safari browsers, along with conducting A/B testing for a native dark theme for ChatGPT-powered Bing AI. Last week, a few users received Bing Chat invitations on Chrome. This functionality also appears to be available for some users of Safari.

Bing Chat, or “Bing AI,” powered by ChatGPT-4, is renowned as one of the most advanced and top-performing language models for consumers. Previously accessible to Microsoft Edge users since late February, Microsoft has extended support for AI to all browsers, including Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

A new pop-up has emerged on Windows 10 or 11’s taskbar, allowing users to try Bing AI in Chrome. During testing, we observed that Bing AI in Google Chrome includes native dark mode support. This feature transforms the white background to a black hue, similar to Microsoft Edge’s new dark theme.

The Bing logo maintains its blue colour scheme. At the same time, the icons representing various features, buttons, and areas within Bing remain predominantly white or blue.

Different themes

Additionally, Bing Chat allows switching between dark and light themes through the hamburger menu. It supports three theme settings: light, dark, and system default, which automatically adapts to the operating system’s preference.


However, Microsoft has imposed some limitations on Bing Chat capabilities in Chrome. Compared to Microsoft Edge, the Bing support in Chrome only allows five messages per conversation, instead of the 30 permitted in Edge. Furthermore, Chrome’s character count is limited to 2,000, whereas Edge supports up to 4,000 characters.

When accessing’s AI in Google Chrome, users may encounter repeated prompts encouraging them to explore Bing in Microsoft Edge. The “Chat now” button will launch Microsoft Edge for chat functionality.