Bing Chat makes its way to SwiftKey on Android

Kevin Okemwa

Swiftkey for Android

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has integrated Bing Chat yet again into one of its products, Swiftkey on Android. Microsoft’s Mobile and Commerce Division CTO, Pedram Rezaei pointed out that this integration is in play and that it’s slowly rolling out to SwiftKey Beta users.

With this new integration, SwiftKey Beta users can easily access Bing Chat in any app. Additionally, the integration also ships with Bing Chat’s tone mode which will allow users to rewrite text based on their preferences and context.

To get access to this neat integration you’ll need to head over to the Google Play Store and download Swiftkey’s beta version. There’s no word yet indicating whether this integration will be rolling out to Swiftkey for iOS.

Things have been particularly quiet on that front, especially after Microsoft announced that it was dropping support for the app and removing it from the App Store, then later bringing it back.

At the time, Microsoft’s Vice President & GM of OneNote and the Office Product group, Vishnu Nath indicated that there was a lot in store for the app with Pedram reiterating his sentiments highlighting that, “We are investing heavily in the keyboard. Stay tuned.”

Therefore, there’s a high probability that this new integration will expand to iOS users in the future.

via: The Verge