Bing Chat pane on Edge Canary gets Spotify, Adobe plugins

Devesh Beri

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Bing Chat is expanding its capabilities by allowing users to enhance their chatbot interactions with new plugins, offering features such as solving math problems, Spotify, and using Adobe Express templates, as revealed on Twitter.

Users must use the Edge browser to access the Bing Chat pane. More information about its availability is provided in the article below.

  • The MathSolver plugin is useful for solving complex math problems, including equations, integrals, vectors, and more. It might also offer the ability to plot various types of mathematical curves.
  • While the exact details of the Spotify plugin’s features aren’t mentioned, it’s suggested that users should be able to create playlists and access information related to artists, albums, lyrics, and more. This could make it easier for users to interact with their music preferences.
  • The Adobe Express plugin could provide access to a library of templates for various purposes, such as creating social media posts and other graphics. This feature could be useful for individuals or businesses designing appealing visuals for their online content.

Including Spotify, MathSolver, and Adobe Express plugins sounds promising for users looking to make their chatbot experiences more versatile and useful. However, it’s worth noting that the availability of these features may vary depending on the version of Edge you are using, as the tech giant is currently testing this functionality with select Edge Canary users.

via MSPowerUser