Activision may already be preparing to launch Call of Duty games on Xbox Game Pass

Robert Collins

Call of Duty Vanguard video game on Xbox consoles

It appears as though Activision Blizzard may already be making preparations to bring Call of Duty and other games to Game Pass. With the CMA having provisionally approved Microsoft’s $68 billion merger with the gaming giant, the deal now seems sure to close very soon with the deadline for the UK regulator’s final decision looming.

While attempting to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Microsoft Store, X (Twitter) user @Tinosaurorex received this message, here reposted via @Prismasmedia.

The message translates roughly to ““You receive this item for free with your gaming subscription. Continue to check out and use it forever!”

The implication here is that Activision and Microsoft appear to be already working behind the scenes to launch ABK titles on Xbox Game Pass. Other than Black Ops II, it’s unclear which other CoD games might release on Game Pass if and when Microsoft’s acquisition closes. Not to mention ABK’s many other popular franchises like Diablo, Warcraft and more. Regardless it look like the close of 2023 might be a very exciting time for Xbox fans.