Bing Chat Gets Better With New Prompt Technique for Creative Mode

Pranav Bhardwaj

The new Bing

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Microsoft has announced a series of improvements to its new AI chatbot Bing Chat search capabilities, with a particular focus on the fundamental technology behind the platform. While many of the new features were announced last week, some of the most significant improvements are to the prompt technique used in the Prometheus algorithm, which generates better and more relevant answers from the GPT-4 in Creative mode.

The new prompt technique promises to provide more comprehensive and structured answers for users, improving their overall search experience. With this improvement, users can expect to see richer content and better-quality results when searching for information on Bing Chat. For instance, when searching for a particular topic, the chat app will now provide more in-depth and detailed responses, enhancing the overall accuracy and reliability of the information presented.

The Prometheus model was introduced by Bing in its efforts to improve the search experience for users. The model uses machine learning techniques to provide more relevant and personalized search results based on the user’s search history and preferences. The new prompt technique builds on this foundation, generating more detailed and structured responses from the GPT-4 model in Creative mode.

The new feature has been tested internally and is now available to all Bing Chat users. Microsoft has expressed its commitment to continually improving Bing Chat and providing users with the most accurate and relevant information possible. This latest update is just one example of the company’s ongoing efforts to achieve this goal.