Bing Chat gets image and video search, better local grounding, and more

Kevin Okemwa

Bing Chat

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Microsoft published new release notes highlighting all the new features that made it the new Bing last week. including raising Bing Chat’s daily chat turns to 200.

Other key improvements include the integration of image and video search into Bing chat. While users already have access to Bing Image Creator which lets them create images using their own voices, this integration enhances the search experience further.

The results in Bing Chat will now appear as answer cards below the chat responses and answers, where you can also click on See more to explore further in Bing image search.


What’s more, Microsoft has also enhanced Bing Chat’s local grounding for better navigation. It will now provide users with better answers when trying to locate certain places like parks or convenience stores that are in close proximity. The company has also indicated that it intends to make more enhancements in local grounding based on the feedback it gets from users.

The company has also fixed a couple of known issues with Bing chat in the Edge sidebar. Here’s everything you need to know:

•    Bringing the context enhancements announced on March 17 to Edge sidebar, helping you summarize much larger pages and documents.
•    Supporting Bing Image Creator in Edge sidebar (in Creative mode).
•    Making the sidebar load faster and preventing it from loading with a blank screen at first launch.
•    Preventing conversation resets that occurred when Edge was left running for a long time.

In related news, Microsoft laid out its future plans to incorporate ads into Bing Chat. Additionally, better math formatting is also set to come to Bing Chat, ultimately allowing users to solve mathematical queries within the platform.

What’s your experience with the new Bing so far? Let us know which features you find most useful in the comments below.