Bing Chat Enterprise now accessible on Edge Mobile and new search page designs unveiled

Devesh Beri

To enhance user experience and accessibility, Bing has introduced updates to its services.

Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are now fully accessible via the Chrome desktop browser across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Users can take advantage of this feature using the latest Stable Channel update of Chrome. However, support for other browsers, like Brave and Safari, on both desktop and mobile is still in the works.

Users of Bing Chat Enterprise can now access the service on Edge Mobile. Users can seamlessly engage with Bing Chat Enterprise features by signing in with their work accounts and clicking on the Bing Chat button. This expanded availability brings the benefits of Bing Chat’s enterprise features to mobile users.

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Bing has recently launched new search page designs for specific topics. These templates aim to offer a more organized layout by utilizing generative AI content. As a result, the search results page becomes more streamlined, reducing content redundancy and maximizing space. One notable change is that users can quickly jump to the main heading on Wikipedia pages.

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Bing Chat can now be accessed on Swiftkey without requiring users to log in with their Microsoft accounts. This expansion allows users to use Bing Chat on Swiftkey for up to 30 daily interactions.