Microsoft ups Bing Chat’s daily chat turn limit to 150

Kevin Okemwa

Bing Chat

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Ever since Microsoft debuted the new Bing, millions of users signed up and joined the waitlist with hopes of getting to preview the new tool. The company is actively trying to get more people off the waitlist and into the preview, but not everyone has been as lucky.

The tool’s reception has been mixed for lack of a better word but despite the several setbacks since its inception, the team behind it continues to make updates with the aim of enhancing its user experience. Just last week, Microsoft pushed Bing Chat’s daily turn limit to 120 and promised to increase the limit in the future.

Microsoft has now delivered on its promise, by increasing Bing Chat’s daily chat turn limit from 120 to 150. The company’s Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, Yusuf Mehdi made the announcement earlier today via his Twitter account.

Mehdi also indicated that the per session turn limit had also been increased to 15. Previously, the limit was set at 10 after several users lodged complaints indicating that the AI chatbot wasn’t responding to prompts accurately. There were even some instances when it was said to be “hallucinating.”

By expanding its daily chat turn limit, Microsoft seems to have placed elaborate measures in place to ensure that such instances don’t reoccur. In the same Tweet Mehdi also indicated that:

Testing an optimization on “Balanced” mode to significantly improve perf resulting in shorter, quicker responses. Precise & Creative modes remain unchanged providing a diversity of experiences.

It will be interesting to see the impact the optimized balanced mode will have on the overall performance of the tool moving forward. If you are still on the waitlist, despite running the speed-ups. Microsoft recommends that you should check your Microsoft Account and ensure that your birth date is correctly entered.

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via: Neowin