Bing can now tag your Facebook friends when searching


In a new Bing blog post, Microsoft reveals yet another new feature to its Bing doing engine. This new feature allows users to tag their Facebook friends while doing a search on This new feature is yet another feature created to make Bing more social.

“When searching on Bing, simply enter a question or comment in the sidebar and type the name of a friend on Facebook to tag him or her (you can tag up to five friends at a time). With your permission, the question will post on your Facebook timeline, and your tagged friends will be notified so that they can pitch in and help you find what you’re looking for,” Microsoft stated in an official Bing blog post. The idea is very simple. As Microsoft states, just search for something and enter a question or comment in the sidebar with the name of your friend and that person will immediately be notified on their Facebook timeline so they can pitch in a comment. Head over to and try it out yourself!