Microsoft details integration between Office 2013 and SkyDrive for Windows


In a new Office Next blog post, Microsoft details the integration between Office 2013 and SkyDrive. With this new feature, Office 2013 users can save directly to their SkyDrive account and access their files from anywhere.

Saving to SkyDrive is simple. When selecting a save location, just choose your SkyDrive account. “Whether you are using Office 365 Home Premium Preview, Office on Demand applications, or even other applications to edit documents, saving to SkyDrive will keep the local copy on your computer and the copy in the cloud synchronized for as long as you need it,” Microsoft explains. The best part about this feature is that you can access your files online wherever you sign into Office rather than saving that file to a particular local hard drive and worrying about accessing that file from another computer. On top of that, using the MS-FSSHTTP protocol, a partial file upload and partial file download will commence and only portions of a document that are edited will be uploaded/downloaded in what Microsoft calls “smart sync.” For those who recently installed the Office 2013 Customer Preview, SkyDrive for Windows came default. So if you haven’t already played around with these features, now is the time!