Bing can improve your Klout score, Bing Images can be filtered by usage rights


Bing Image rights

Microsoft has revealed two new features to today. The first new feature is the ability to search for images based on usage rights. The second feature is more of an update to the Klout integration, which pretty much means whenever someone searches for you on, your Klout score increases!

“Whether you are a blogger who loves to write, a teacher helping students with a project or a publisher looking to create commercial flyers, we have made it easier and faster for you to fetch licensed pictures for your work. Previously, you had to find photos and then individually cycle through the details of each photo to verify if there is any license information. Now, Bing has simplified this process to allow you to filter by usage rights and only see images that have a Creative Commons license,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

This feature is great because it allows you to search for images that you can modify, share, or use without penalty. All you have to do is select your option from the License dropdown option, right next to the Date option in Bing Images.

Microsoft has also revealed that every time someone searches for you on, that search contributed towards your Klout score. As Microsoft points out, “someone could be influential but not necessarily active on social media.” As Microsoft points out, some people are famous or influential on a topic and are more likely to be searched for via a search engine.

“So the more times a friend, acquaintance or even you (admit it, you’ve done it) searches your name on Bing the more influence you will rack up on Klout,” Microsoft points out.

Microsoft continues to improve its Bing search engine by constantly and consistently adding new features and enhancements. Head over to Bing Images to give the new usage rights feature a spin, or simply search for someone on Bing to increase their Klout score!