Windows Store reaches 100,000 apps, but i’m not impressed (editorial)


Windows Store

Microsoft’s Windows Store has finally reached the coveted 100,000 app mark. Windows 8, which introduced the Windows Store, was launched back in October of 2012. While some of you might be impressed with the 100k mark, I am not.

Microsoft revealed today that the Windows Store had finally reached 100k apps. Microsoft has kicked off several incentives for developers to create a Windows Store app, including tools and tutorials, even offering developers cash for developing apps in at attempt to “spark creativity.” Just recently, Microsoft revealed some future plans for the Windows Store, including PayPal SDK integration as well as support for a game development platform called Unity Pro 4. But all this doesn’t change the fact that the Windows Store is still full of crap apps.

Windows Store Spam

Take a look at the screenshot above and below this paragraph. Notice how there are numerous apps from the same developer. These apps are numerous and simply “spam” the Windows Store in quantity. As I monitor the Windows Store on a daily basis for new app releases, I am surprised to see so many useless apps being approved in large quantities. Why is Microsoft approving these apps? Is the race to have so many apps in the Windows Store such a big priority for the software giant?

Windows Store Spam

Back in January of this year, the Windows Store surpassed the 40,000 app mark and I wrote a piece similar to this one bashing the fact that the Store was full of useless apps. I pointed out how we would see the same app over and over again in the Windows Store and if Microsoft even actively checks the Store to weed out “spam” apps or even duplicate apps submitted under a different name or submitted to a different category. Unfortunately, fast forward to now, the same issue persists.

To me, a quality app is an app that someone can use over and over again. It’s an app that has usefulness and makes you tasks easier. For example, a Facebook app, an Instagram app, or even a Twitter app. Most of the non-quality apps I have tried only once and removed them immediately after due to the fact that they were either rushed, poorly designed, or served no purpose at all.

But i’m not going to be all negative about the Windows Store. The cover of the book, so to speak, shows us that there are now 100k apps in the Windows Store. Congrats Microsoft, you have developers who have shown interest in creating “apps” for the Windows Store in return for some little cash via advertisements or paid apps. This shows momentum and the fact that developers are showing interest. During Build 2013, Microsoft even revealed that the Store has seen over “hundreds of millions” of app downloads to date. Amazing!

However, I am simply looking at things from another perspective. I’m sure there are many of you out there who share the same feeling I do. If you disagree with me, then that’s totally fine. 100k apps is a great feat to reach but with all the non-quality apps in the Windows Store, I’m not all that impressed.

How do you feel about the Windows Store? Do you share my feelings or do you disagree?

Windows Store Spam