Bing AI-powered text rewriter to soon make its debut on Microsoft Edge

Priya Walia

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Recently, a Twitter user revealed Microsoft’s plans to bring AI-powered rewriting capabilities to its Edge browser. The upcoming update is great news to writers and bloggers who frequently utilize AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

Last week, a Twitter user, Leopeva64, tweeted about a new addition in Microsoft Edge for text rewriting powered by Bing AI. The function, spotted in one of the recent Microsoft Edge Canary updates, presents a simple way of rewriting text: select a string of text in an input field, press the Alt + I keys, and voila! A popup window with AI-generated text appears, complete with buttons to replace, adjust, or refresh the result.

But the feature offers more than just a simple rewrite. Echoing the capabilities of SwiftKey, this new addition to Microsoft Edge extends multiple options to tailor the output to users’ needs and tastes. Four tones are on offer: professional, casual, enthusiastic, and informal. Even the format isn’t set in stone, options include a paragraph, email, blog post, and ideas. The feature’s versatility goes more in-depth with the ability to choose various lengths – short, medium, and long.

Once the adjustments are in place, users can click the “Rewrite” button, allowing Bing AI to regenerate the desired output. Despite the multifaceted operation, this tool is not yet available to all users.

Beyond its application in writing and blogging, the AI-powered rewrite text feature can assist users grappling with foreign languages, ensuring the new text upholds correct grammar. This update follows reports that Microsoft retires Cortana in Windows 11 and replaces its virtual assistant with an AI-backed tool. A similar Bing AI implementation is also anticipated in Google Chrome, albeit with some limitations.

Besides that, a forthcoming upgrade is set to allow Edge to take screenshots of visited websites, aligning with Microsoft’s aim to capture all viewed content. This “Screenshot of the site for history” feature awaits testing in the Canary and Dev channels.

From the looks of it, it seems that Microsoft is determined to augment the browsing experience empowered by AI. As the company forges ahead with new tools, expect more to arrive to make Internet use easier and more efficient.

Via Neowin