Bing Ads Editor gets Bing Shopping Campaigns support

Kit McDonald

What’s more exciting about the upcoming holiday season than making a profit? Bing Ads announced that sellers can officially manage their products in bulk much easier than before thanks to some updates. Product groups and ads were adjusted for the Bing Ads Editor version 11.4 and a new way to see insights to your ads with the Shopping Campaigns.

With the holiday season coming up, who can argue that the need for easier advertisement can play a major part in revenue? That’s why Bing Ads has finally removed the need for parent group IDs for each bulk operation. Instead, the groups now have their own complete path so that you can edit without the tedious task of going through each parent group at a time.

But the major feature of the update to Bing Ads Editor version 11.4 was the addition of Shopping Campaigns. These new campaigns let you have more control over your product ads. Some of the selling points include:

  • Great control over what products you’re showing.
  • View your inventory by attributes like brand, product type or custom labels to set appropriate bids.
  • View insights on impressions, clicks, average click-through rate and average cost per click, relative to your product targets.
  • Get deep performance insight into campaigns, even down to the Item ID level.
  • Easily import Product Listing Ads from existing Google Shopping Campaigns with the same structure and capabilities in Bing Ads.

This is a separate campaign type attribute than previously. You can set your Store ID, Country/Region, and Campaign priority in the shopping tab. And if you already have a product ad that you want to import into a campaign, you can do that too by following the step by step provided on the help page. Shopping Campaigns are supported in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany.

A minor note in addition to all of these changes to ad inventory, you can now import all of the above from Google Adwords. Let us know in the comments if your organization will benefit from the new Bing Shopping Campaigns support.