Azure Stream Analytics now supports real-time IoT Hub Operations Monitoring

Kareem Anderson


Microsoft’s preparation for the next wave of computing is fully underway as the company transitions to the cloud. A large part of cloud storage, data collection, and processing will increasingly involve support for new hardware that focused on The Internet of Things (IoT).

Fortunately, Microsoft is working to support that future with an update to its Azure Stream Analytics service that now backs IoT Hub Operations Monitoring. Specifically, customers using Microsoft’s real-time, scalable and fully manageable stream analytics service can now easily monitor the millions of events being aggregated from IoT devices through Azure Stream Analytics and the new Azure IoT Hub.

To get going with the IoT Hub all you need to do is simply configure an Input as described in the Create an IoT Hub data stream input documentation. We have many customers using this today with their IoT solutions, and it works really well; however, a common ask from customers is how to monitor the status of operations on your IoT hub in real time. Well, today, we’re happy to announce that you can now do this by hooking up to the IoT Hub Operations Monitoring endpoint.

Microsoft’s program manager of Azure Stream Analytics Ryan CrawCour further highlights five specific categories of events customer can look forward to monitoring in the new IoT Hub:

  • Device identity operations
  • Device Telemetry
  • Cloud-to-device commands
  • Connections
  • File uploads

A visit to the Microsoft Azure blog can help customers get started with examples of how to configure “Connections” event monitoring, sample code messaging, how to create new Stream Analytics jobs, create queries and much more. The Azure team is also encouraging any interested in looking into its related services such as Azure Event Hubs, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus and Azure Logic Apps to get the full benefit of cloud monitoring with Microsoft Azure service here.