Bing adds Site Scan feature to new Webmaster Tools

Jack Wilkinson

Bing has launched a new tool for webmasters (and, ultimately, SEO specialists) called Site Scan, available in Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

The feature performs a scan of your website and produces a report that can highlight common SEO issues with your website that may be impacting its performance in organic search on Bing, or might be causing a less-than-positive user experience.

The tool is fairly simple to use, a simple click of a “Start scan” button and Bing will begin performing a scan of your website. The time it takes can vary depending on the number of pages on your website and how fast they load, but generally it shouldn’t take long.

Bing Webmaster Tools Site Scan

There are a number of options when performing a scan, such as setting how you want Bing to crawl the pages it will scan (e.g via your website, sitemap etc), as well as limiting it to a certain number of pages, and adjusting the crawl speed, so as to avoid overloading your website’s server.

Interested in trying out Bing’s new Site Scan tool? You can access it here.