Bill Gates: cutting-edge tech not needed to solve world’s problems


During the World Economic Forum, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg sat down with Microsoft founder Bill Gates for a 15 minute interview. Sounds like it would be a nerdy discussion about tech and Microsoft software right?

As ZDNet reports, the discussion between Mr. Gates and Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer centered around Mr. Gates’ foundation.

During the meeting, Gates talked about disease prevention for children and how it “doesn’t always get the most attention among world governments.” As a philanthropist himself, it is up to all philanthropist’s to make these issues their priorities.

But how does technology come into play here? According to Mr. Gates, we don’t need to use high-tech cutting-edge technology to solve the world’s problems. Instead, a simple gesture like sharing a DVD containing farming information with other farmers. Mr. Gates also noted that the internet has allowed us to see what is going on around the globe and not only share, but also interact with different countries. In the past, kids would have been told to go to the library to research a topic. But now, kids can use the internet to learn almost anything.

View the video below for the full interview: